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No Right on Red! Explore Aruba in a V-car

No Right on Red!
Explore Aruba in a V-car

For such a tiny island, Aruba is chock full of natural beauty and awesome attractions. The best way to explore the island is on your own time, in one of Top Drive’s comfortable cars. Imagining driving in the Caribbean island can be daunting, but you’ll find driving on Aruba is safe, organized and accessible. Aruba follows the same traffic regulations as their Kingdom partner, The Netherlands - which is one of the safest countries to drive in in Europe.

Another great thing about driving on the island is that people here are mellow and we’re used to sharing the roads with our lovely tourists. The license plates of local drivers begin with the letter A while rental car license plates begin with the letter V. We look out for those V cars and understand if you’re a little confused on the road.

To rent from Top Drive you need to be 23 years old and have a valid driver’s license. If you're used to driving in the United States, you’ll need to get acquainted with the local traffic signs. Another difference is the prevalence of roundabout traffic circles, locally known as 'rotonde.'

The roundabout near Queen Beatrix Airport is spectacularly big and a bit confusing the first time you go around it. The driving direction on Aruban roundabouts is counterclockwise and the most important rule is that traffic entering the roundabout must give way to traffic already in the circle. All the lanes in the roundabout are clearly marked. Just identify the road you need to take, wait for a gap in traffic and remember to use your turn signal.

Speed limits on the island are indicated in kilometers per hour (kph). Most residential areas have a maximum speed of 40 kph (approx: 24 mph). The maximum speed in non-residential areas, unless noted otherwise, is 80 kph (approx: 50 mph).

Most traffic on the island is one-way. On two lane streets, drive on the right side unless you’re overtaking. At intersections, the right side has the right of way, unless a street sign indicates otherwise. When making a left at an intersection remember that opposing traffic has the right of way.

Important to note is that turning right on red is not permitted in Aruba. If the traffic light is red, you need to wait until it turns green before you may drive, including right turns. Using your phone while driving and driving under the influence are prohibited.

Seatbelts are required at all times. Front seat passengers must be 12 years or older. Children below 12 years old have to wear seatbelts in the backseat and children under 5 should be in a car seat. Top Drive has quality car seats available as well as other ‘extras’ so you can make the most of your island drives!