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Aruba: A Tourism Paradise

Aruba: A Tourism Paradise

Are you yearning to head to a place that reeks of tranquility and natural wonders? Aruba is the place to be. This Caribbean Island has become a tourist haven in recent years, with an estimated 2 million people visiting this destination yearly.

So, what magnet does Aruba have that attracts tourists from all over the globe? Several, I must say. From beaches to an ideal kite-surfing ambiance, Aruba is the place to be.

Below, we'll take a closer peek at why adding Aruba to your tourist bucket list is a must in 2022 and beyond. Ready? Let's get started!

9 Reasons Why Aruba Is a Tourism Paradise

You've probably heard your friends and family talk about Aruba. What makes it special? Is it better than visiting the local beaches? Well, Aruba stands out, and here are some notable reasons why:

1. Great Weather All Year Long

It's common to hear Arubans echo the phrase — God has blessed our lands. Indeed, this saying is true as Aruba's great weather (all year round) testifies to the fact that a supernatural being took out time to curate this region's blueprint.

Since Aruba is based south of the Caribbean's hurricane belt, the region enjoys more sunny days. So, if you're on vacation with family, the chances of a downpour halting your kids' sandcastle plans at the beach are almost non-existent.

2. Exciting Watersport Events

If the water is your domain, visiting Aruba might be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Aruba is a region characterized by a steady rate of high winds. You can use this to your advantage by trying kitesurfing and windsurfing.

But guess what?

You're not alone. To make the process seamless, many watersport operators are opening their doors to cater adequately to tourists. So if you're itching for a scuba dive, look towards pristine locations like the Commandeurs Baai, Malmok, and the Spanish Lagoon.

3. Great Beaches

Aruba hosts a ton of amazing beaches. One notable example is Eagle Beach (located in the island's Northwest region). This mesmeric spot earns praise from tourists from all walks of life due to the availability of bars and diving schools. Also, the tranquility on display is next to none.

If you'd like to expand your touristy tentacles to the South, consider Mangel Halto. Albeit smaller than Eagle Beach, the ambiance and excitement levels here remain constant.

4. Exciting Activities for Kids

Kids get bored easily. To enjoy that vacation with your kids, you'll need a tourist spot offering a massive influx of fun activities for children. Thankfully, Aruba offers that and more.

Are your kids curious about animals? A trip to the Butterfly Farm, Philips Animal Garden, or Donkey Sanctuary should suffice. If your wards are inquisitive, you might want to visit hotspots like the National Archeological Museum of Aruba. Here, they'll get an up-close look at Indian-themed artifacts dating back to the pre-ceramic periods (2500 B.C.).

5. Yummy Meals

Aruba's cuisine is diverse and, most importantly, yummy! Nonetheless, the variation that makes the headlines is barbecued fish and plantain.

A revered Flying Fishbone restaurant engineered this dining style. This enterprise issues a reminder that you can enjoy tasty Aruba meals while digging your toes on beach sands. Perfecto!

6. Ranks Amongst the Safest Islands in the Caribbean

Most Caribbean islands are filled with dubious characters trying to stay ahead in regions dependent on tourism. Although Aruba is an Island that gets most of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from tourism, it still ranks as one of the safest Caribbean islands.

Aruba has low crime and violence rates, thereby earning the nickname — One Happy Island. Visitors have applauded the receptiveness of Aruba individuals and how they felt safe once they arrived.

Nonetheless, it's vital to note that Aruba's reduced crime levels stem from the fact that most individuals in the region are middle class. Unlike other Caribbean islands, the living conditions are favorable for almost every inhabitant, curbing the existence of crime.

7. Gambling Isn't a Restricted Activity in Aruba

Granted, Aruba has the greatest beaches and tourist attractions. Nonetheless, some individuals head to this island to have a taste of gambling in its full regalia. Scattered across the island are resorts with 24/7 in-house casinos. Most tourists recommend playing a hand on the Caribbean Stud Poker game at Aruba's physical casinos.

If you'd like a spot that delivers excellence all around, we recommend heading to the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Open round-the-clock, this resort integrates over 350 slot machines to give customers a gambling adventure bound to leave them returning for more. There are also tables for those who seek to implement strategies on Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.

If you'd like something grander, visit the Aruba Marriott Resorts and Stellaris Casino. Touted as the largest gambling destination in Aruba, this casino hosts 500+ slot machines and over 30 gaming tables to give gamblers a varied adventure.

8. Speaking the Local Dialect Isn't a Prerequisite to Enjoy Your Vacation

Aruba makes up the Netherlands Antilles alongside destinations like the Curaçao and Bonaire islands. Like these surrounding islands, Aruba doesn't have a gigantic land mass. However, despite its small size, tourists can expect an exhilarating experience as Aruba never seems crowded.

Due to Aruba's small size, it's easy to navigate the area and access the available tourism hotspots. In addition, although the official language of Aruba is Papiamento, a wide array of people can speak English fluently in this region. Thus, you don't have to watch YouTube practice videos on Papiamento before heading to Aruba.

9. Aruba's Tap Water Is Safe

Not every tourism hotspot has safe drinking tap water. Aruba does, and this addition makes headlines as to why the Caribbean Island remains one of the top destinations to visit during your vacation.

As a tourist, you can keep your purifying pills in your country. At Aruba, the tap closest to you reeks purity. Just have a container in your possession to get those tasty refills.

A Trip to Aruba on the Cards?

Agreed, there are many tourist hotspots worldwide. Nonetheless, Aruba ranks as one of the stand-out variations. Its beaches, archeological centers, weather, and yummy meals indicate a scintillating experience.

Aruba's calling. Now's the time to uncover its greatness.