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Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Aruba

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Aruba

Are you a foodie visiting Aruba for the first time? Suppose you've got a penchant for seafood. In that case, Aruba isn't in short supply as fishermen in the region are on hand to catch the fresh and high-quality alternatives featured in the Caribbean seas and supply them to the finest restaurants in the region.

From alluring restaurants to food shacks popular amongst residents, you've got many options at your disposal for a fresh culinary delight. Nonetheless, we've done the legwork to sift out the top 5 seafood restaurants you might want to patronize during your Aruba vacation.

Ready to uncover these food-themed gems? Let's get started!

Best Aruba Seafood Restaurants

Regardless of your seafood preferences, these 5 Aruba restaurants should get your needs all sorted with aplomb. Notable mentions include:

1. Fishes and More

Fancy a restaurant that gives a hint on available offerings via its naming scheme? Take a trip to Fishes and More. Chef Bruno and his team of seasoned professionals are on ground to give you a taste of tasty and fresh seafood from Aruba waters.

The ambiance at Fishes and More is relaxing. On the menu, you have mouth-watering appetizers like Duck Breasts, Escargot, Calamari & Crab, Caesar Salads, and Tuna & Salmon Tartar. If you fancy soups, French Onion Soup, Seafood Chowder, and Fish Soup are all on the menu.

That said, it's pertinent to note that Fishes and More has a distinctive "More" menu that integrates plant-based, sea-inspired, and gluten-free foods. Does this sound like something you fancy? If yes, you can dig into alluring meals like the Coconut Lemongrass Noodle Soul, Portobello Stuffed Chickpea Picatta, and Tropical Tofu Tower.

Fishes and More also ranks high for in-house entertainment. Customers are inundated with live music every night. Additionally, parking is free at this restaurant. You can make reservations at Fishes and More online and enjoy an experience reiterating high quality when you visit.


Open Hours: 4 PM to 11 PM daily


Contact: +297 586-3659 (phone)

fishesandmore@arubawineanddine.com (email)


Open Hours: 8 AM to 11 PM daily


Contact: +297 586 2288 (phone)

hadicurari@arubawineanddine.com (email)

2. Marina Pirata

Are you seeking an Aruba seafood restaurant with loads of history? Then, now's the time to set sail to the Marina Pirata. Revered amongst locals, Marina Pirata serves a vast array of fresh seafood, ranging from Beer Batter Shrimps to Escargot.

This restaurant also lets tourists reconnect with nature. Since the Marina Pirata is set up at the oceanfront, you can sit on the deck and feed numerous Angel Fish while the cool breeze hits your skin gently.

Another area where Marina Pirata earns points is customer service. Upon entry, you're met with an exceptionally-friendly staff committed to making your stay comfortable and entertaining.


Open Hours: (Monday, Wednesday - Sunday: 6 PM to 10 PM. Closed on Tuesdays)


Contact: +297 585 7150

3. Hadicurari

Hadicurari ranks as one of the best seafood restaurants across Aruba. Tagged the "#1 Seafood Restaurant," Hadicurari gives guests the luxury of enjoying their seafood meals with their feet in the sands or an "open-air covered porch" that grants a scintillating view of the ocean.

Notable seafood meals at Hadicurari include the Club Salmon, Ceviche, Calamari, Seafood Chowder, and Seafood Risotto. Suppose you're a pizza fan and would like to switch things up a little. In that case, this revered restaurant has an extensive catalog of handcrafted pizzas, ranging from the regular Margherita and Pepperoni to exclusively-themed variations like the Quattro Formaggio and Prosciutto.

Are you visiting the Hadicurari with a vegan? While you can munch your seafood-themed meals in delight, they won't be left "mouth agape" as there's a distinctive extensive "Vegan" menu that resonates richness and high quality all around. A win-win for all parties INVOLVED!

To celebrate the spooky Halloween season, Hadicurari has curated a special 3-course menu that'll be available from the 28th to 31st of October. Albeit time-limited, it's always great to see a seafood restaurant being in sync with the season. Let's just hope they have something a tad alluring for Christmas.

4. Zeerover

Zeerover was originally a local spot revered amongst locals for fresh seafood. In recent years, however, this restaurant's popularity has risen, becoming the go-to destination for tourists who crave high-quality seafood service.

The restaurant is located on the oceanfront (at the Saventa fish pier). Thus, visitors can sink in breathtaking views as they munch on their favorite seafood categories.

Zeerover (a Dutch word translated as "Pirate") serves fish and customary drinks at cost-effective prices. Here, you won't have worries about boring a hole in your finances.

If you adore laid-back vibes at a restaurant, Zeerover is the perfect fit for you. Upon entry, you can purchase freshly caught seafood to go or have them prepared — your CHOICE!

The menu is all shades of simple and incorporates one or two fresh catches from the Aruba seas. Here, you'll find jumbo-sized fresh shrimp alongside local side meals like the Pan Bati (Aruban pancakes) and Banana Hasa (fried plantains).

While you await your meal, you can grab a table to kick-start a game of dominos with friends or other locals. All these extras alongside an ocean view make a Zeerover visit worth the WAIT!


Open Hours: 11 AM to 9 PM (Tuesdays to Sundays. Closed on Mondays)


Contact: +297 584 8401

5. The Old Fisherman

In the heart of Oranjestad lies a seafood restaurant that depicts authenticity and freshness. This local restaurant is located next to the bus station and cruise terminal, making it the go-to spot for visiting tourists.

The Old Fisherman might not have the most alluring of exteriors. Nonetheless, coziness reigns supreme in its interior.

You'll have access to Aruban favorites like Shrimp, Fish Cakes, Swordfish, Conch, and Lobster Tail at this seafood restaurant. Patrons can also diversify as the menu features Tenderloin, Chicken, and Steaks.

Prices associated with available meals aren't "over the roof," making repeat patronage a certainty.


Open Hours: 11:30 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Saturday. The restaurant's closed on Sundays)


Contact: +297 588 3648

Major Takeaway

The waters surrounding Aruba are filled with creatures that make delicious seafood alternatives. To get the best seafood "munching" experience, head to any of the five restaurants depicted in this comprehensive roundup guide.