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Must-knows about Traveling to Aruba during COVID-19

Must-knows about Traveling to Aruba during COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis shook the world and travel plans of many prospective visitors of our One Happy Island, but we are happy to finally be able to welcome you back for your much-longed for Aruba vacation.

We’ve compiled a list of MUST-KNOWS if you’re planning on traveling to Aruba during the times of COVID-19 to help make your travel plans a smooth journey to the Caribbean. Scroll on to see what you need to know!

Queen Beatrix International Airport - Photo by David Troeger
  1. Your Before-You-Travel-to-Aruba COVID-19 Checklist

As Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) likes to say: “Aruba is Open for Happiness!” However, there are quite a few things to keep in mind before you roll out that suitcase and take off for the One Happy Island. Check out the Aruba Traveler Requirements and Aruba Visitors Insurance information to make sure you’re good to go.

2. Preventative Measures to Protect YOU against COVID-19 while in Aruba

You can view Aruba’s official general preventive measures for social/physical distancing and maintaining good hygiene here.

3. Active Cases & Updates About COVID-19 in Aruba

You can find the latest updates on coronavirus cases in Aruba here. The official updates provided by the Aruban government are initially presented in our island’s native and second official language, Papiamento, but as seen on the ULTIMO INFORMACION (aka Latest Updates) chart, you have the option to ‘select English’ below. To switch to English all you have to do is click on the small navy blue block that is located right below the chart and next to a small yellow-colored block.

4. Where to Get a COVID-19 Test in Aruba…

Photo by Covid Test Center Aruba

There are different options when it comes to COVID-19 testing in Aruba. Coronavirus testing is possible via On-location Appointments & Walk-in Testing Services, where you go to a facility to get tested, but also via a Mobile Testing Unit, where the medical professionals come to you to facilitate one of the COVID-19 tests. You can contact Aruba’s Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital directly for more information regarding on-location COVID-19 testing as well.

Find an Aruba COVID-19 testing location near you by checking out MedLab and Urgent Care Aruba’s Testing Locations Map.

If you’re a local, it is advised that you first consult with your General Practitioner (aka house doctor) and Directie Volksgezondheid (Aruba’s Department of Public Health) to receive the most up-to-date instructions for COVID-19 testing.

5. Our TOP Priority = Your Health & Wellbeing

Our Top Drive team is ready to make your Aruba experience as remarkable as our pristine beaches, and to do this we must emphasize that your health and wellbeing are what matter the most to us. We’re proactively working to ensure that our facilities and services meet all of the requirements set forth by Aruba’s Department of Public Health. To give you more peace of mind, we’re absolutely transparent about our preventative safety actions – just check out our list of Top Drive COVID-19 protocols here.

If ever there were a trial to test your patience and determination in achieving something you truly desired, perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel plans was it. However, the wait is now over and you can enjoy a little taste of Aruba. Just remember to be safe in your pursuit of the One Happy Island life!