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Family-friendly Activities to Have the Most Fun in Aruba

Family-friendly Activities to Have the Most Fun in Aruba

Surprise your family with days full of fun thanks to our lineup of family-friendly activities to enjoy in Aruba! The One Happy Island locals are BIG on family time, and encourage you to quality time with your loved ones too. Connect with your familial crew – the island way – by trying out these 5 family-friendly activities in Aruba.

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1. Experience a Beachside Family Breakfast Buffet at MooMba Beach

Photo by David Troeger

Start your day off with a delicious beachside family breakfast buffet at MooMba Beach Bar & Restaurant! At MooMba you get to enjoy an unlimited breakfast & brunch buffet for only $15.95 per person, let your feet rest in the sandy grounds, and enjoy the sounds of waves caressing the shorelines as you gather to feast with your main squeezes. Seating times are from 8AM to 12PM and it is recommended to make your reservations beforehand to make sure you and your family get a dining spot ON the beach, if so desired.

*please note: a discount is available for MooMba Beach Bar & Restaurant with the Happy Island Discount Card that is attached to your Top Drive Aruba car rental key.

2. Take Your Flock of Loves to the Butterfly Farm Aruba

The Butterfly Farm Aruba opened its doors for the first time back in 1999, and is home to a wide variety of…you guessed it: BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! Their guided tours usually last between 15 and 20 minutes, and are quite informative, yet easy going. You enter the photo-friendly establishment and are immediately welcomed by butterflies who are either fluttering around, snacking on fruits, or chilling in their cocoons. This spot is a true treat for lovers of both nature and photography.

Butterfly Farm Aruba - Photo by David Troeger

3. Visit Aruba’s Donkey Sanctuary & Pet the Donkeys

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba - David Troeger

Did you know that Aruba has its very own donkey sanctuary and that donkeys had a prominent role in our island’s history and the Aruban economy? Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, officially known as Fundacion Salba Nos Burico (translated from Papiamento to English as ‘Foundation Save Our Donkeys’), takes care of over 120 donkeys at their Bringamosa-location. This not-for-profit organization also monitors Aruba’s wild donkey families and are the go-to people to call if you ever have any local donkey questions. Take your family to visit the donkeys & enjoy petting their fluffy heads. You could even check with their donkey-loving team about giving the donkeys a little snack, just ask!

4. Enjoy Dinner, Live Music & More at Renaissance Marketplace

Head over to Renaissance Marketplace in the heart of Downtown Aruba to take the whole family out to play! This open-air commercial center in Oranjestad offers a little bit of something for everyone. If you have movie lovers in the family, there’s The Cinemas, fashionistas can enjoy browsing at the boutiques, while adults who love to hit up the casino, are in luck, because there’s the Wind Creek Seaport Casino right next door. Also notable is that it is a hotspot for foodies too! Our recommended restaurants to visit and enjoy when there’s live music would definitely have to be Casa Tua and Café the Plaza.

*please note: a discount is available for the restaurants, Casa Tua & Café the Plaza, with the Happy Island Discount Card that is attached to your Top Drive Aruba car rental key.

Renaissance Market Place - David Troeger

The family that has fun together stays together! Gather your family for some fun quality time in Aruba, and grow your relationships as you enjoy discovering why Aruba is known as the Caribbean’s One Happy Island.

Whether you start your day off with a beachside family breakfast, visit the local donkeys, or spend the day on De Palm Island, make sure that you capture your favorite moments together. They say memories last a lifetime, but photos help us relive to them! We hope you have a TOP time enjoying your One Happy Family time!

5. Take a Spin in Arikok National Park for an Off-road Adventure

Natural Pool (Conchi) - David Troeger

Explore Aruba’s beautiful, desertic wild side by visiting Arikok National Park for an off-road adventure with your familia! Rent a four-wheel-drive Jeep, pack the car up for a full day of fun by making sure you have enough food and beverages for the fam, and enjoy gorgeous scenic views, unique beach breaks, and the adventurous routes in-between. Top stops to visit while in Arikok include, but are not limited to: Dos Playa beach and Aruba’s Natural Pool aka “Conchi”.