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Top Things to do in Aruba's Vibrant City: San Nicolas

Top Things to do in Aruba's Vibrant City: San Nicolas

Have you already explored Aruba’s lively city, San Nicolas? Most people tend to have their Aruba adventures in Oranjestad or Palm Beach, but the One Happy Island’s underrated southeast side is full of fun things to do and gorgeous scenery to see. We’ll tease you a bit to show you what you’re missing out on with our guide of top things to do in San Nicolas, Aruba.

  1. Enjoy Art in Downtown San Nicolas

When you drive into Downtown San Nicolas you are welcomed by vivacious street art that is captivating and skillfully created by both local and international artists alike. From colorful and eccentric, hand painted murals to cleverly puzzled mosaic benches, this is a hot spot for those of you looking to capture beautiful images.

What makes Sunrise City even more of a gem for art lovers? Well, make sure to visit Cosecha San Nicolas and you will discover even more lovely treasures and artistry created by local artisans with a passion for creativity and craftsmanship.

2. Experience Aruban Hospitality by Eating Local

Is there any better way to explore a culture then by trying its local food? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it is the tastiest way to get to know more about the roots of a particular community. Aruba is full of diversity and you can discover this in our food too! The following are a few yummy spots to check out to eat local: Ora’s Bar & Restaurant, Kamini’s Kitchen, O'Niel Caribbean Kitchen & Kulture Cafe Aruba.

3. Beach-hopping in Aruba’s Tranquil Southeast Side

Baby Beach Aruba - Photo by Aruba Tourism Authority
Baby Beach Aruba - Photo by David Troeger

There are quite a few beaches to explore in Aruba’s San Nicolas district. Thus a day of beach-hopping on Aruba’s southeast side is a must-do for those of you who enjoy a little sand between your toes, refreshing turquoise waters, and the relaxing ocean breeze that occasionally caresses your face. Get your floaties and snorkel gear ready to rumble for your Baby Beach and Rodger’s Beach visits, and then indulge in a little Vitamin D as you soak up sunshine and enjoy kite surfers shred the waters at Boca Grandi.

4. Visit the Museums to Gain Aruba Points

Learn about Aruba’s history and culture by visiting the One Happy Island’s museums in Sunrise City! You can visit the Museum of Industry & San Nicolas Community Museum to boost your Aruba knowledge. Not only will you gain a new appreciation for our island, but you’ll also have more talking points to share with your friends about your Aruba adventure.

5. San Nicolas Sightseeing & Wild Fish Pedicures

Quadirikiri Cave - Photo by David Troeger

Drive in San Nicolas, Aruba to start your journey of unique sightseeing. Head over to the Vader Piet Entrance to Arikok National Park to take your Aruba adventure to the Quadirikiri cave and then to Fontein. At Fontein you can even dip your feet for a refreshing wild pedicure thanks to the freshwater fish that enjoy nibbling at dead skin cells. You can end your day of interesting views by driving to the big Red Anchor. This bright red sculpture was created in honor of all seamen who have lost their lives at sea and is seen with a gorgeous backdrop of the ocean surrounding Aruba.

Now it’s time to start those engines! We hope you enjoy exploring Aruba’s vibrant city, San Nicolas, as much as you enjoy our pristine beaches. Wishing you a TOP time checking off your San Nicolas To-Do List!