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Top 5 Hiking Trails to Explore Aruba's Flora & Fauna

Top 5 Hiking Trails to Explore Aruba's Flora & Fauna

Trail off into Aruba’s wild side by having a hike, or two (or more), to discover the depths of Aruba in a way like no other. If you’re a thrill seeker who enjoys being surrounded by nature, and you’re not afraid to get a little down and dirty, then you’ll absolutely love a hiking session on the One Happy Island!

Scroll on to discover our TOP 5 recommended hiking trails to explore Aruba’s Flora & Fauna:

  1. Hiker's Heaven in Arikok National Park
Arikok National Park - Photo by Aruba Today

Arikok National Park is home to the most diverse Aruba hiking and biking trails. You start your off-the-grid explorations by first heading over to the Arikok Visitor Center where one of the park rangers can help guide you on choosing the ideal hike for your day.

Some much well-reviewed Aruba hiking trails to find in Arikok include: the Miralamar Trail, the Cunucu Arikok Trail and the Arikok Mountain Trail.

2. Hike Alongside Alto Vista & Enjoy a Moment of Reflection

If you’re looking to mix a little mindfulness with ‘mondi’, then head over to the Alto Vista Chapel to start your trail into the Aruba sunrise. In case you’re wondering “What the heck is a mondi?”, this is the Papiamento word for what us locals call Aruba’s desertlike forests that are covered with cactus.

After you’ve completed your Alto Vista Trail and Beach Road Loop, you can enjoy a moment of mindful reflection by partaking in the Peace Labyrinth or visiting the Alto Vista Chapel.

3. Hiking from Daimari to Boca Keto aka Surfer’s Paradise, Secrets!

Daimari Beach - Photo by Qijin Xu

Experience unique ‘mondi’ scenery where palm trees and cacti coexist at Daimari, Aruba. Start your hike at Daimari and head over to Secrets – what local surfers and body boarders call this majestic beach spot. Its more common and official name is Boca Keto, and pretty much the only sure-way to get there is by taking a hike. Unless you have an offroad-ready jeep to manage the bumpy dirt roads. This beach is a definite must-visit spot on Aruba.

4. Hike to the TOP of Aruba at Mount Jamanota

Reach major heights and enjoy amazing views by hiking up the highest point of elevation on the island, Mount Jamanota! This 188-meter high hill is home to much flora and fauna, and an incomparable 360-degree view of the One Happy Island. Rise up at dawn and take your hiking group up Jamanota for the best sunrise views on the island.

5. Spanish Lagoon’s Magical Mangrove Hiking Trail

Spanish Lagoon - Photo by David Troeger

Explore a different side of Aruba by taking a Spanish Lagoon Mangrove Trail hike where you get to discover rare scenery within the unique mangrove ecosystems. You can choose to combine your hiking adventure with a kayak trip to venture this nature-rich environment by waters, or also choose to visit the Balashi Gold Mill Ruins which is located right next to this hiking spot.

Excited to put on your hiking shoes and venture into the wildly lush, cacti-filled side of Aruba? We are too! Just remember to pack the following items to make sure your well-prepared for your hike: an appropriate hiking backpack, water bottle, plenty of food, reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a map, and a first aid kit.

Now you’re all set to enjoy your Aruba hike. See you in the ‘mondi’!